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Club Penguin Times Issue #310!

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Traffic Jam At The Stadium!



Bumper Car enthusiasts are speeding to the Stadium! "I hopped in a car costume and raced right over!" said one driver. Even Captain Rockhopper was spotted in the crowd. He had this to say

"Arrr! This be a fine traffic jam!" said Rockhopper! "Get yerself a bumper car in the Gift Shop, mateys! Then wear it to the stadium! But watch out - I only be brakin' for puffles!" Fasten your seatbelt and speed to the stadium now! The Fair leaves town October 5th.


Big Plans For Puffles



Special report! PH, the Puffle Handler, was sighted tiptoeing into the Pet Shop with boxes. When pressed by a Club Penguin reporter, PH had this to say:

"Oh! G'day! Don't mind me, I'm just preparing a few things for the Puffle Catalog. Big plans for Puffles are in the works." she said. "Our critters are asking for new ways to show off!" PH will reveal her plans in the newspaper next week. Check back for the big announcement!


Could this mean puffle hats? :D

And the upcoming events:


Now! New Prizes at the prize booths!

October 6th: Penguin Style Catalog, New Pin

October 13th: Better Igoos Catalog


So do you think puffle hats will come? Leave me a commet below!
Waddle On CPL!


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