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Screenhog Talks About Sensei

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Well, I bet all of you by now know that the Sensei is coming in three days... so Screenhog taught us a little bit of history about the Sensei. A lot of you may not have been there when the Sensei and a lot of other hard working penguins helped to restore the Dojo.


Well, it all started after the Halloween party of 2008. Since there had not been an eclipse that year, there was a lightning storm. After the storm had passed, we noticed that the Dojo had been struck in the roof top. Luckily, no one had been hurt, but we still needed to help the Dojo.


We had all pitched in to help the Dojo survive. We all had our snow shovels to dig out the snow from the room, and also had hard hats to start the construction, but there was one mysterious penguin helping to dig the snow. No penguin knew his name, nor knew where he came from. He was wearing a brown ragged cloak, and a straw hat.


After the construction had ended, and the Dojo was restored, the penguin that had the brown ragged cloak, revealed himself; The Sensei. He now is helping penguins becoming ninjas, and is now making his first appearance at the Ninja Hideout.


So if you are not a ninja already, go and do some Card Jitsu, and who knows; you could become a ninja just in time to meet the Sensei. We will be using a comment tracker that will start on Friday to find the Sensei.



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