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New Music Jam Furniture!



Bright lights and high-tech lasers are now avalible in the Better Igloos Catalog! The New Music Jam furniture is inspiring musicians to throw concerts in their igloos. "I've always wanted to design my own stage!" said one excited singer. "I hope my fans enjoy my laser show I've been planning."

"For my encore I'll be dancing in a circle of fire," said the singer. "But don't worry. I'm keeping a fire extiquisher backstage - just to be safe." Dancers can also try out the state of the art dance mat. "I've cleared out a big space for the dance floor," said the singer. "If more fans show up, its always good to be prepared." Check out the latest Music Jam items - avalible my in the Better Igloos catalog! To browse the new furniture click the tape measure in your igloo.


Music Jam Construction!


Workers have been 'drumming up' stages for the upcoming Music Jam party. The entire island is getting a rockin' revamp for Music Jam but it will take everyone's help. Speakers need plugging in, instruments must be unpacked - and stages have to be painted... "I'm no music jam expert," said a construction worker. "But  I can't think of anything sweeter than the sound of jackhammers." Many stages still need to be set up around the island, but the worker is confident in the construction crew: "When we're done, this festival will be slicker than a singing cuccumber." Help with the festival costruction before the Music Jam begins June 17!


And for the upcoming events:


Now: Better Igloos catalog, music jam construction, secrets of the bamboo forest play

June 17: Music Jam Party!



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