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Random of The Week.... Lamp Post???

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Ok so I was searching for ideas for random of the week and I walked into the Pizza Parlor and I was going to do the big snow mobile thing hanging on the wall.




I decided not to and I opened the doors to leave and when I did, I saw a red lamp post!



I had never noticed that lamp post untill today. So I walked out to the Plaza and looked around. Nothing! No lamp post that is red the only one I saw was on the other side of the screen and it was grey!



That is so weird. Then I showed Sk8tergrl and she was suprised too. She had never noticed that before. The simplest things can be so interesting to write about! Be sure to rate this article and comment if you have any ideas for next weeks random of the week!




#4 Dance1519 2011-07-05 18:43
I Agree.. I Dont Even Notcie It!! Werid Things Are Happening!! LOL!!
#3 Dogdogdogdog 2011-06-28 12:30
I've noticed it before.. it's odd what Club Penguin does xDD
#2 jamie5156 2011-06-27 19:04
I know right! Its one of the wirdest things ive seen in CP!
#1 Dance1519 2011-06-27 18:37
Huh Werid :-? )

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