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Ice Rink Is Back With New Sports Catalog Dec10

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Yes the Ice Rink is back! And with it comes the new Sports Catalog:



Here's how to find the Green Hockey Jersey:

1. Go to the first page

2. Click on the green penguin



You have now found the Green Hockey Jersey!

Here's how to find the Green Goalie Gear:

3. Go to the second page

4. Click on the green penguin



You have now found the Green Goalie Gear!

Here's how to find the white pom poms:

5. Go to the third page

6. Click on the work Ice



You have now found the White Pom Poms!


And that's all the cheats :/



#4 Memadez 2011-01-12 09:32
Oh I know how you feel hun! When i wasn't a member I always thought thats but then i thought,Some people never get to even go on Club Penguin!
#3 Memadez 2011-01-12 09:30
OOOH! Its ok maybe it will work tomorrow.
#2 pinkie7776 2010-12-29 09:49
I cant get da pom-pomz!!!!! its sayz "This item is currenley unavalible"!!! wich just flat out stinks!!! :sad:
#1 bunnigirl99 2010-12-27 13:14
you have to be a member to get those cheats on club penguin :sad:

if you dont have a membership you should should be able to get a shirt,shoes,and a hat.
what if your poor and you cant afford any membership, that is not fair :-(

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