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Festival Of Flight Cheat

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Also, today was the first day of a new party called the Festival Of Flight.  There is only one cheat though it's for a green propeller hat! All you do is go to the plaza and then voila you have the green propeller hat!


Green Propeller Hat

Green Propeller Hat


Also there is a member's item too. It's a jetpack. You first have to take a 2 minute flight to the tallest mountian from the hot-air-balloon in the Forest.  Here is a picture of what it looks like.


Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon


This party is awesome! Now lets find Gary!




#18 jeraldbear 2009-12-05 04:20
#17 deellermorini 2009-10-18 07:31
Hi! Abject klooper assign object of my english jer, buti unusually complying re recommend .
#16 sk8tergrl483 2009-08-15 06:39
I agree too... this is a really cool party... you should be happy.
#15 sk8tergrl483 2009-08-15 06:39
Ok do you mean how do you fly? well thats simple... dance with the jetpack without anyother cloths on. You should be flying!
#14 sk8tergrl483 2009-08-15 06:36
Not me... contact club penguin or reload you cache at the link below
Hope this helped!!! ( and I hope you sort out your problem with your computer;-)
#13 icky 2009-08-14 20:14
dude.. this is like the best party I've ever been to on CP. I wasn't around for the RH thing but this is REALLY REALLY COOL!
#12 joejoejam 2009-08-14 18:37
rockhopper visitng was way better than all of this. I'm not impressed.
#11 zzzzzzzzzz 2009-08-14 16:08
ok. so I got the jetpack and cant' figure out what to do next?? can someone help me please?
#10 fishface 2009-08-14 14:56
#9 roro 2009-08-14 13:15
I"m going to get up early like the people here and see if I can find a server that isn't so busy.

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