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There are many games on Club Penguin. Some are hidden, some are not. Most of the games go with the room they are in. For example, The Coffee Shop has the game Bean Counters and the Pizza Parlor has the game Pizzatron 3000. Some games you get to play against other penguins. In this article we will tell you where these games are located, how to play these games, and some hints that you can use while playing them.


1. Sled Racing
This is a two player game.
You can find this game at the top of the mountain. Use the arrow keys to control your player. Watch out for stumps and rocks, they slow you down!
TIP: Slide over a patch of ice to gain speed.
2. Find Four
To find this game go to Ski Village, and then go to Ski Lodge. In this game you play with another penguin. To win put your color chip in a row going side to side, up and down, or diagonally.
3. Jet Pack
To find this game go to the Beach, go inside the light house, and go up the staircase. To play, use the arrow keys to fly up and down or side to side, but conserve your fuel!
TIP: There is a 1 UP on every level except level 1.
Image of Club Penguin Sled Racing Image of Club Penguin Find Four Image of Club Penguin Jet Pack
4. Ice Fishing
This game is found in Ski Lodge. Move your mouse up and down to grab fish. Beware jellyfish, sharks, and crabs are bad! Also you can buy a fishing pole for special fish.
TIP: At the end, save a fish and feed it to a BIG fish for 100 extra coins.
5. Hydro Hopper (Ballistic Biscuit)
To play, go to the Dock. You can also buy a board (Comes in two colors, at 300 each) Use your mouse to move. Left click to jump.
TIP: At the end of each level it will tell you something.

6. Bean Counters
This game is found in the Coffee Shop. Catch the coffee bags and stack them on the red platform. Don't let anvils, flowerpots or fish smash you!
TIP: Don't try holding more than 5 bags at a time!
Image of Club Penguin Ice Fishing Image of Club Penguin Hydro Hopper Image of Club Penguin Bean Counter
7. Mancala
Two player game. Located above the coffee shop. Each player alternates turns in taking stones from their holes and having them fill the opponents side. Visit the upper story of the Coffee Shop for more details.
8. DJK3
Located in the Dance Club. Be your own DJ and mix music for the Night Club. No instructions really, but the only thing is that you get to freely mix music.
9. Dance Competition
Located in the Dance Club. Get in the groove with DJ Candence! Choose different competitions or do a style of your own!
Image of Club Penguin Mancala Image of Club Penguin DJK3 Image of Club Penguin Dance Contest
10. Astro Barrier
Located above the Night Club. In this game you have to shoot all the moving targets without using all of your missiles. Use the arrow keys to move the ship and shoot the targets.
TIP: During the game it will tell you stuff like shoot at the orange blocks and they will disappear. If you do it during the game it will give you points!
11. Thin Ice
Located above the Night Club. Melt ice on your way through each maze. Once you have melted a square, you cannot go back so be sure to plan before you do each level. The object is to get to the red square.
TIP: Try to hit all the ice for greater points.
12. Puffle Roundup
Located in the Pet Shop. Using your mouse to "Herd" as many puffles into the brown pen as possible.
TIP: Each puffle has a different personality. Try playing a few games and record what each puffle does!
Image of Club Penguin Astro Barrier Image of Club Penguin Thin Ice Image of Club Penguin Puffle Roundup
13. Pizzatron 3000
Located in the Pizza Parlor. Each pizza needs to be made with the perfect amount of ingredients, but if they aren't you have another chance to make one. 5 pizzas made wrong and the game ends. Spread pizza or hot sauce on it. Then add cheese and all the other toppings.
TIP: When the first page of the Pizzatron 3000 comes up, click the lever at the bottom of the Pizzatron 3000 to go into "Candy Mode"!
14. Cart Surfing
Located in the Mine. When you see a curve, lean the way the sign is pointing or you will lose your balance. While you are not curving, you can use the left, right, up, down, or spacebar to do tricks.
TIP: To get LOTS of money, do a backflip (100-50 down spacebar) and then do a twirl (80-40 space left or right)
15. Surfing
Located at the cove. In this game, you surf. Move your mouse up and down to make your player move. You can use the arrow keys to do tricks too, but be sure to concentrate or you'll wipe out! (You can also get surfboards for 400 coins each.)
Image of Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000 Image of Club Penguin Cart Surfing Image of Club Penguin Surfing
16. Agua Graber
Located on the Iceberg (the big white fluffy cloud on the right side of the map). To move use the arrow keys. To grab, press the spacebar, then go up and drop the item in the net. Beware, the Agua Grabber runs on air and so do you! Find bubbles to fuel up!
17. Card Jitsu
Located in the Dojo. Go talk to the Sensei to get your starter pack of cards, and then play. Keep on playing in competition mode!
NOTE: You DO NOT earn money in this game, but once you become a ninja, you get access to the Ninja Room!
18. Ice Hockey
Get some buddies and play Ice Hockey!
NOTE: You DO NOT earn money in this game.
Image of Club Penguin Aqua Grabber Image of Club Penguin Card Jitsu Image of Club Penguin Ice Rink

19. Treasure Hunt

This game can only be played when Rockhopper is docked in Club Penguin... it is in the captians quarters, so you need the key to get in. Go to the book room, and go to the library... go to Rockhoppers Journal, and go to the last page. Now you can go to the Captains Quarters to play tresure hunt!!





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