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This Weeks News, And 101 Days Of Fun

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Ok... so this is the news for this week.


July 3-5: A chance to meet the Sensei!!!


July 10 - August 13: Ruby and The Ruby is back at the stage


June 26: Igloo  catalog updated.


And for the 101 days of fun:


June 25: Pretend to sink the iceberg. Turn blue to look like your the water on the iceberg


June 26: Check out the new tracks at the Night Club!!! Celebrate by starting a dance party in your igloo


June 27: At the Pizza Parlor, move the switch on the Pizzatron 3000,and turn your pizza's sweet!!! Then make 8 candy pizzas, without making a mistake.


June 28: Go ice fishing, and catch as many fish as you can. Then cook your catch for some buddies, at a party, in your igloo.


June 29: Time to hit the dance floor and show off your moves! Challenge a buddy to a dance-off in the Night Club.


June 30: Waddle along to the Coffee Shop and go upstairs to the Book Room. Read all the books and then wear the secret item that is hidden in one of them...


July 1: Make a buddy smile. Tell your 5 favorite friends that you think they're terrific by sending a Penguin Mail postcard! Thank you!


I think it's pretty cool to be able to meet the Sensei at the Dojo if you are a ninja. Do you think we should start a comment tracker for him???


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