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Club Penguin Times Issue #307

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It's Time To Prepare For The Fair!


The fair is coming September 22, and that means games, prizes, costumes.... and more games! Durring this annual event, tons of rare game booths take the island by storm. And game lovers everywhere have started preparing. To get the best tips, the Club Penguin Times Spoke with a games expert.

"It's all in the flipper," he said. "I've already started practicing at the arcade above the Night Club- to increase my speed. It's all worth it though. If you can excel in any of the fair's games, then you can earn tons of tickets," the expert added. "Once you've earned enough you can trade 'em for rare prizes from the Prize Booth. Games like Feed-a-Puffle and Ring the bell are easy to learn, but hard to master. And the game Puffle Paddle is legendary for its frantic, fast game play." For those less interested in games there are other special events planned.  Rockhopper will be visiting the island and the puffle circus is set to return. "I don't know about you but I'm more excited than an orange puffle in a java bean truck!" Join the fair when it comes to the island September 22.


Spotlight On Ranch Igloos!


The Better Igloo's Catalog has new Fair-themed items on sale. And fair fans have already started decorating up a storm in their igloos for the upcoming party. We interviewed one excited penguin in a rooster costume, "Check out my igloo! Have you ever seen such fantastic hay? I've got one of every furniture item," said the rooster. "From fair flags to the Ring O' fire. Of course I'm keeping that well away from the hay. The only thing I don't have is a fishdog stand... I think those are popular with penguins. Us roosters aren't really interested in fishdogs. I think I need more hay, that's what us roosters like. What do you think?" Igloo designers should check out the better igloos catalog in their igloos.


And the Upcoming Events:



September 15th: Fairy Fables, Prepare for the Fair

September 22nd: Fall Fair starts! New Pin hidden!



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