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Club Penguin Times Issue #308

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Fair Games Are Coming Soon!



Everyone is hard at work preparing for all the fair games. One games expert was spotted with boxes. "Not that I peeked, but I bet there's going to be some new prizes, like a squid maybe."

"With all the games, this will be one epic fail!" said the game expert. "We need lots of help, so come lend a flipper. Or two! There are BIG plans for the stadium. As long as construction stays 'on track' you better check it out." The fair fun begins September 22.


Brown Puffle To Preform?



Rumor has it that the brown puffle is working on an act for the Great Puffle Circus. The Club Penguin Times interviewed a preformer for details. "Ah, I can tell you wish to know more about the Puffle Circus," she said. "Perhaps because you just asked me about it... Yes I predict the brown puffle will soon join the show. I forsee a clever act followed by much applause." If this prediction is correct, members can look forward to a new act when the fair arrives September 22.


And the upcoming events:



Now: Fall Fair construction begins, Fairy Fables back at the stage

September 22: Fall Fair begins! Rockhopper Arrives! New Pin!

September 29: Member prize booth is here!



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