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Club Penguin Times Issue #309

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The Fair Is Here! Step Right Up!



The Fair is in full swing! Game fans are testing their skills, playing rare games, and trading in Fair tickets for prizes! We spoke to one game expert outside the member prize booth in the Forest....

"You've gotta trade all your Fair tickets right away!" said the game expert. "If you go away and come back, you'll have to start over. For me the hardest part is deciding what prize to pick. I like the Squid Hug, but the mime costume has a special dance. I've even heard there are secret items hidden in the prize booth! Luckily the fair is in town until October 5th - so I have lots of time to win them all!"


The next part, you just roll over the targets to see the highlights of the Fair:



And now the upcoming events:


Now: Rockhopper's rare items, The fair is starting!

October 1: Pay day for tour guides.

September 29: New prizes in the prize booths

October 6: New pin hidden




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