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Club Penguin Times Issue #319

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Ninja Hideout Open To All!


"The card-jitsu celebration is coming to an end, my students" Sensei announced. "But our training must continue. From this day forth all ninjas are welcome to battle at the Ninja Hideout."


"Fire and Water dojos will be open to members only," Sensei continued. "But the ninja hideout shall remain open to everyone. You have earned this great honor, my students. Ninja members may now start their paths wherever the elements call them. Begin training in any Dojo. It is your choice. I am very proud of you. The Card-Jitsu Party has been a great success." Show your ninja skills and honor the elements. The ninja celebration continues until December 6.


Festival Fashion!



The holiday Party is coming up fast! Snowflakes, reindeer, ballerinas and nutcrackers are already celebrating in the gift Shop. The Club Penguin Times interviewed one snowflake to find out what's in store for everyone this month. "Party rumors are floating around," said the snowflake. "I hear the Ice Rink is coming back soon!" she told us as she drifted out of the Gift Shop door. "Nobody nose for sure what's coming up" said a reindeer. "But I do have a few -deers! There's something big coming to the Forest, and if you have a sweet tooth, there may be some special treats in store for you! So come on! Grab an outfit in the Gift Shop! After all, this Holiday Party is just around the corner!"


The Upcoming Events:



Now! Penguin Style Catalog

December 1: Pay Day

December 8: Snow and Sports Catalog

December 15: New Pin, Coins for Change


Waddle On CPL!



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