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Field Op #67

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Today some cool new things came out! One thing is that the Director sent us a message! Lets see what he had to say..


All reports confirm that Herbert has vanished without a trace. We will believe he will lie low for the time being. G has your orders.


Thats grat to hear! Lets go see what G has for us.



It says: Herbert has escaped his hibernation cell. We must begin a new investigation to find out what happened. Start with the security footage. The feed was badly damaged. Go to the main screen an see if you can fix it.


Ok! We dont even haveto leave the building! Just go to the big screen and your spyphone will light up!




IT says: Repair the system! Enter directions for the repair bot. Lead it to the corrupted systems. Be precise- you can only send fove sets of commands.



Yay! We completed it! G said... Good work Agent! You fixed the security feed for Herbert's hibernation cell! That looks odd... the computer says the footage is missing. It seems that when the island tipped, the camera was shut off. Keep this a secret for now. I'll have more orders soon.



Will do G!



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