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Club Penguin Times Issue #329

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Fashion Show Rocks The Gift Shop!


"This party is just getting started!" that was the latest word from Cadence at the Fashion Show. With one week left, the event has attracted huge crowds to the Gift Shop, where it's standing room only. "they may as well call this place the Universe, because it's FULL of stars!"

The Club Penguin times interviewed some of the superstars backstage. "What a blast!" said one of the judges. "I'm all about the wigs. Love them. If you've got a wig, get it on your head, and get down here."

"EEEEEE!" one photographer squeed. "Did you see alll the puffles in their little hats? THEY'RE SO CUTE!"

"Fashion is an art from," said a model "it's about standing out with your own style finding the right look, and being bold with it. I'm so glad we did this show."

The Fashion Show wraps up Feb. 14 Find out what all the fuss is about the Gift Shop


Rockhopper Needs Crew!


Pirate-fans and ocean-watchers were surprised to discover the migrator in the telescope this week. "Rockhopper needs help," said Gary the Gadeget Guy in a jetpack. "I just spoke with him - he requires a brave crew for a dangerous quest. On Feb. 24 he'll be setting sail for the infamous Shipwreck Island. He said 'ARR fi ye got a fine pair of sea-legs, and ye be hungry for adventure, then join me crew! I hope I pronounced that right."

Rockhopper's ship will arrive in Club Penguin Feb. 16 Check next week's paper for more info.


And the upcoming events:



Cool! Pirate adventure! Lets do this!


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