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Club Penguin Times Issue #347

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Super Heroes Assemble!


Extra extra! Robot rampage rages downtown! Super Villains causing chaotic and catastrophic catastrophes! Only super heroes can save the island. Are you a member? THink you got what it takes?Then here's the info you need...

Listen up! Every super hero needs three things: Super Powers, a costume, and a name. Go to the Gift Shop, and pick out a costume. Tell them Aunt Artic sent you. Make sure to grab a set of Super Gloves - they'll send super-charged snowballs into super-snowballs. There are also costumes for Super Villains, but just ignore those. Good always triumphs over evil. Plus their costumes are way more snazzy. Got your costume? Got your powers? Brilliant. Now pick a nake that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals,a nd get out there! We're counting on you to save the day!

And the Upcoming Events:
Coool! Let's get our super powers on and defeat evil!

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