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Festival Of Flights News

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On Friday, Club Penguin for the first time is taking flight. Even though penguins can't fly, Club Penguin can!


When Club penguin first thought of the idea, they wondered: how are we going to get the coastlines of the Beach or Cove up in the sky? Or: are we going be able to play Hydro - Hopper? But most importantly: how are we going to get the Iceberg up there?


We'll just have to wait and see what Gary comes up with on Friday. Better hurry G!!!


Gary's Ideas

Gary's Ideas


Speaking of penguins flying, I found this game that has to do with that. It is not Club Penguin though, and it's called Learn to Fly... it's pretty fun! Play it here


I can't wait until the party on Friday... I'll have the cheats too!


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