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Reviewed By You

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Hey guys! Another Club Penguin Reviewed By You is out! Sk8tergrl483 here checkin' in!


Last week's question was: If you could write a script for an Underwater Adventure, what would it be about?

The team really liked this one, especially Happy77!!


Blackie487 said: I would write about a mermaid that is looking for lost treasure and meets a fish and a squid who join her along the way. Then when they find the treasure chest they open it up and it is just filled with chocolate coins. The mermaid, the squid, and the fish learn the treasure that counts is friendship, and the story would end by the three friends eating the chocolate coins!


Underwater Sneak Peek

Underwater Sneak Peek


Awwwwwwww that's so sweet... I would like that to be the brand new play script. =)


Speaking of brand new stuff... that's what this week's question is about! What's the sport you like to play most with your buddies on the island?


Mine is definitely tennis... but they should get a Volleyball court and stuff to go with it... it's almost Volleyball season too =)


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