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The Great Snow Maze Is Here | Yetis Cave

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Today the Club Penguin Great Snow Maze came out! It is a lot of fun,but it can be VERY confusing!


Here's a hint - you can only go through the arrows the way you are going.  For example if you were going up and you hit the arrows, you would still have to go up.The color blue means go up or down and orange goes side to side.  Here is a picture of the Maze....


Map Of The Maze

Map Of The Maze


Want some more help on how to make it through the maze? Well here's how:

1. Left

2. Keep on going strait.

3. Turn, and go down

4. Take the first path

5. Turn

6. Take the second path

7. Follow the path

8. Go to the Left

9. Keep following the path

10. Take the path to the right

11. Go to the right

12. Take the path on the Left

13. Keep following the path

14. Go to the right. Don't go up.

15. Keep on following the path to the finish. Don't take any other paths...


Doesn't it look hard! I thought it did. Here is a picture of what it looks like in the cave...


Yetis Cave

Yetis Cave


Isn't it sooooo cool! In there, you can get a Yetis costume! Here is a picture of the Yeti costume...


Yeti Costume

Yeti Costume


Hey also there's another free item for everyone! Here's how to find it:

1. Go to Ski Hill

2. Click on the box full of blue hats



You have now found the Blue Pom-Pom Toque!


It is soooo cute! This maze is awesome!!!!!   : )



#1 essay writers 2010-02-07 18:41
The guide is promising, will come back for this guide when I reached that level of the game.

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