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Review By You And Help Haiti!

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Last week the question was "What is your favorite way to help out penguins?" Here's what Iceiceice said:




My favorite job is bringing pizza and other refreshments around to workers! I really like it because it is really good excersise and i love the look on all the penguin's faces when they eat my pizzas, it's a great sence of accomplishment! Waddle on CP!

Also I'm sure you've heard about the 7.0 and 6.1 earthquakes that have happend in Haiti this week. Club Penguin donated $322,500 from Coins For Change to help the effected people of Haiti! That's so cool! I feel so bad for Haiti, one of the poorest countries of the world, gets the worst earthquake in 200 years... Anyway it feels good to help out don't you think?



#1 T ARYN ROSE 2010-01-23 13:55
YOUR SO RIGHT.......... ! COOL

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