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Construction Reviewed By You!

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Last week Club Penguin wanter to know what you were doing with the construction. Here's what Red Apollo said:

Well, me and my friends are pretending to be managers! Were both agents (or are we) and were keeping all the workers stuffed on pizza! That's because we can't allow too many breaks. We've been working mainly on the Sports Shop and selling the rest of the popcorn! We've been working also on that badge-or-heart shaped thing (do I know what it is or do I not know?), selling popcorn, working on the crane, and that stone. We hope to get everything fixed up!
This week Club Penguin wants to know if you were on an adventure what would be the one thing you would bring.
I think I would bring a puffle. I would need a friend :-)


#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-06-06 08:28
That's cool!
#1 p91125051 2010-06-05 08:52
I would bring a magic seed that I found at the garden party. You hold it in your hand and say everything you want and put 1 drop of water on it, Throw it and it becomes whatever you asked for! I would ask for an Elite puffle and 8 more seeds. (and more water).

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