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Club Penguin Times Issue: 243

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Adventure Party Plans Revealed!



On page A2 It talks about the Adventure Party plans.



One of the penguins they talked to was a party planner who told us "We're working on lots of cool stuff for party-goers. Things like secret forts, nautical games, and a place that mermaids would love. We're also thinking of doing a scavendure hunt and starting some good old-fasion sea battles..."



Cool! A place for mermaids, scavendure hunt! This will be awesome. It starts on June 18.


On page A4 it talks about how we're going to call Rockhopper. Here's the diagram:



We will light flares, Rockhopper will spot them, and then we will take a lookout for him! Pretty cool! Better get that tracker up and running again :)


On page B1 it's the In Focus section of the newspaper. This week it focuses on the Ruby and the Ruby.


On page C3 There's the word search. You must find the words: Island, Maps, Pirates, Fireflies, Adventure, Cannons, Ahoy, Mermaids, Shipwreck, and Coconut. After you find all them, you will get this picture:



And last but not least, the upcoming events:


June 18: Adventure Party, Furniture Catalog, Igloo Upgrades, New Pin

June 25: New igloo music



Well that's about it! I'm super excited for the adventure party!


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