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Rockhopper's Finally Here!!!!

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YES!!! Rockhopper is FINALLY here :-)!! I'm really glad too. Here are some pictures on his ship!!! Oh yeah, you can find his ship docked at the Beach.

Here is his ship docked at the Beach
Image of Rockhopper's ship docked at beach
Here is they way it looks on his deck
Image of Rockhopper's ship from the deck
Here is the Crows nest
mage of Rockhopper's ship from the crow's nest
Here is the store
Image of Rockhopper's store
And here is the stuff you can buy at the store
Image of items you can buy at Rockhopper's store

I didn't bother to put in the captains quarters because it was the same as the last time he visited. Wow. But we still don't know why all these plants are here, but I still like my idea that he ran into a forest and came out like this ;-) Oh yeah, if you are looking for Rockhopper or are seeing Rockhopper please comment and say where he is, what the server is, and what time it is!!! Thanks so much!!

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Oh and here are some good ways to find him too. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a black beard, two black evebrows, and a pirate hat. He is usually on the servers Mammoth, Frozen, Winterland, and Blizzard and he is usually in the Pizza Parlor, Town, his ship (The Migrator), and sometimes the Dock, but he is usually on full or nearly full servers at the popular time of the day, and you can sometimes find him in a crowd, but if he's not in the crowd and someone shouts out ROCKHOPPER ON BLIZZARD!!!, don't go for it. Check their player card. If they have the background, it's up to you, but if they don't, DON'T GO!!! He uses pirate language too such as "arrrrrrr me maties" and stuff like that. Anything else? Oh yeah, sometimes you can find him walking. Yarr!
Here are some pictures of Rockhopper

Rockhopper on Club Penguin Rockhopper's Player Card Rockhopper Walking Yarr
Image of Rockhopper from Club Penguin Image of Rockhopper's Player Card from Club Penguin Image of Rockhopper Walking Yarr from Club Penguin

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#4 leyton 2010-05-02 13:21
whene is rockhopper coming
#3 jamie5156 2009-05-27 17:12
COOL!!! I'll post that as soon as I can!!!
Thx for telling us! Check back soon and it might be posted (and mabye some other things).
#2 kc 2009-05-27 15:02
psssssss i think misson 11 iscoming out because look in misson 10 there was a pack of seeds in the end and now rockhoppers sip has alot of plants!!!!!!!
#1 RHRocks 2009-05-23 18:57
I didn't know people lie about where RH is since I'm new.. thanks for the help on how to really find him

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