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Happy New Years (almost) 2010 Overview!

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Once again guys I would like to thank all of you for making this a great year! I am truly lucky to have so many fans like you who read my post and comment. You guys mean the world to me. Do you know how many CP websites start and fail... I've seen a lot. I'd like to thank my dad for helping me start this web site 2 years ago now and for everything that he has done to support me with hosting and good ideas for the website :) I'd like to thank my fans for actually reading my posts and making nice comments. For the people who comment so much and are so dedicated to this blog that I have made them CPL agents.... You guys know who you are and I thank you so much being here!


I'm just really happy to be here right now. You guys mean the world to me. I'm so happy that you guys participate in the fan based activities like the polls, the contests, the comments, CPL Question Corner, parties and everything else. I really appreciate that the fans care enough to do some of the activities. :):) You guys are truly awesome. This may not be the biggest Club Penguin website out there but it certainly has great caring fans :D


And last but not least I'd like to thank CP. Even if Billybob doesn't read my blog (and trust me some sites out there he does! I'd love that :)), I'd still like to thank him and his AMAZING artists, programmers, and CP crew for the awesome year full of surprises, puffles, and parties. You guys stepped it up this year a lot. I really enjoy waddling around the world that once was made just for your son billybob. You have helped poor children in Haiti and children around the world with Coins For Change. You have made an AMAZING journey and have pleased lots of people and penguins alike. Keep up the good work and ideas. Keep waddling guys because when 2011 hits us in 9 hours, it's going to be epic!


Once again I know I've said this about a million times already, but thank you guys for reading this long thing without any pictures for about 5 minutes of you life you could have been doing something else. Today is the last day of 2010 made it good. Be nice to your sister or brother or someone on CP who isn't being nice to you. In 9 hours everything will change. It will be..... 2011 :D See you guys next year :) Keep on waddling :)





#9 CozyBoots9130 2011-01-04 13:35
Opps i meant to put it up by sheesh4
#8 CozyBoots9130 2011-01-04 13:34
U dont need to say god's name in vain! :/
#7 Mafiota2 2011-01-02 04:45
happy new 2011
#6 natesonstar 2010-12-31 18:51
Happy new year cpl agents
#5 ☼Sheesh4☼ 2010-12-31 15:58
Under "ClubPengun posts" there is sections and it says how many posts you have done in each one. one is them is titled "main (2 posts).
#4 sk8tergrl483 2010-12-31 15:13
1. What's a thread I'm not good with tech language...
2. I might be able to have you do polls but no promises I'll have to look at that ::-):-)
3. What main two tabs?
#3 ☼Sheesh4☼ 2010-12-31 14:19
Awwww... You're very welcome! Also, is it possible for me to post threads on your blog? I think it should be. Or at least make polls. LOL. I think you should make a new poll. And why can't i access the main (2) tab? it says i can't. lol. :-)
#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-12-31 14:17
Thank you so much. I tried to put many heartfelt words into this. This is basically thanking everyone who has helped me with this website. This is me this is all me who wrote this and how I feel about 2010 and 2011. I never like leaving a year behind like 2010 because I've had so many memories that I'm afraid of loosing. Thank you so much everyone :-) this took me about an hour to write :-)
#1 ☼Sheesh4☼ 2010-12-31 14:12
OMG! I read every paragraph. Every sentence. Every word. Every letter of this wonderful post. You should be the one being thanked, sk8tergrl483! You are epic! Your site is epic! You both rock the house, and are awesome! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful Club Penguin site, being my friend on Club Penguin, hosting wonderful contests, posting helpful cheats and secrets, and for making me a CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agent. I ENJOYED reading this, and I'm sure others will, too. :-)

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