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101 Days Of Fun, And This Week's Activities

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Have you been doing the 101 Days Of Fun??? Well anyway, here are the 101 Days Of Fun things for this week.

Club Penguin 101 Days of Fun Image

June 11: Try reading everything backwards today... like this: Day Backwards Its! Luck Good!

June 12: Paint your penguin any shade of green and start a parade across the island with 20 other green penguins!

June 13: Get a group of buddies together and have a race to see who can complete the Adventure Hunt first!!!

June 14: Find a buddy and find a plant that eats snowballs!!!

June 15: Play Jet Pack Adventure and try to get to the finish line with no coins!!!

June 16: Grab your best explorer outfit and lead 10 penguins to the mysterious stone puffle by calling out "This way to the stone puffle!!"

June 17: Grab a coffee apron and serve coffee to 10 thirsty penguins.


Other than the 101 days of fun, there is still this week's news.


June 12 - June 16: Adventure Party

June 12 - July 9: Fairy Fables Play Returns

June 19- July 16 : New Furniture Catalog

June 18 - Dojo Igloo Contest Winners Announced


Well... who's excited for the Adventure Party??? We will have everything posted tomorrow ;-)


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