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Reviewed By You!!!

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Today, Club Penguin put a Reviewed By You section in the Club Penguin Blog. Last week, Club Penguin asked this question: There is a party coming up in Club Penguin, tell us your favorite party memory!


Club Penguin picked one of the many awesome entrees:

Ever have a favorite party you just don't want to end? That's how I felt about the Water Party! Club Penguin can make parties into anything! I remember how that crab broke the glass, allowing water onto the island. Penguins didn't know what to do! So, we got a hose, a couple of inflatable animals, and we started a water party! Wow!

Thanks Vendiagram1!!!

Reviewed By You from Club Penguin

If you want to find more information about past parties, you can check out the yearbooks up in the Book Room.


Other than that, Club penguin has asked a new question: Tell us your favorite adventure in Club Penguin!


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