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Screenhog Talks About the Puffle History:

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Last month a penguin named Gwen 78 wanted to know about the Puffle's history. Well today Screenhog is going to share with us how we discovered puffles :)


"You see, it used to be that penguins thought that they were the only creatures that lived on the island... until something strange began to happen. Furry creatures began popping up all over the place:
It turned out that Club Penguin was full of these furry creatures, and there were four colors; blue, pink, green, and black. After determining that the creatures were safe, the penguins of the island named them "puffles". Penguins loved the puffles, and wanted to take care of them, so a Pet Shop was built.

Most of the puffles really enjoyed the opportunity to be adopted by penguins, but the green puffle in the Night Club loved his spot so much that he stayed there. So, next time you're in the Night Club, say hi to one of the oldest puffles in Club Penguin."


Wow! That is so cool! I'm not the oldest penguin around so I wouldn't know about that :) I remember the yellow puffle appearing when we added the stage a couple years back, and I think when I had just gotten into Club Penguin the purple puffle had just came out :) Haha good times :)



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