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The Island Celebrates Earth Day!



Painted dogs and Snow Leopards have been spotted roaming around the island! Special new member costumes are spreading the word about these endangered animals. But they're only around for the earth day party - so get them before it all ends on April 26!

The rare animals seem to be enjoying the party so far: "The Dock looks just like my desert home!" said one african paint dog. "I love racing around the sand. Yip Yip Yip!" Chilled out snow leopards have been spotted at the Snow Forts. "These mountains give me a grrrrreat view," said a snow leopard. "And my afternoon naps have been perrrrrfect. " Clothing designers hope the costumes will put a spotlight on these rare animals. Head to the party rooms to get your endangered animal costumes before the party ends April 26!


Scavendure Hunt On Now!



Starting April 21, eight easter eggs will be hidden around the island. Rockhopper wants everyone to find all the clues. "Arrr. Spotting eggs be just like spotin' treasure!" he said. "Who be bold enough to find them all?" When the party starts, click the egg at the top right corner of the screen to start hunting. "Ye be having to search the whole island mateys! But ye get a fair reward at the end. Yar har!" If you get stuck, click on the egg for a clue. Track down all the eggs until the scavendure hunt ends on April 26!


And the upcoming events:



So how much do you like this party?

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