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My Medieval Adventure Chapter 4

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“Are you ready “I asked. “Ready.” Replied Paul. We had just gotten on our Royal Steeds, and we were going to ride

to the Wizard’s house.


We then started racing through the misty fog and past the trees and shops. We soon reached the wizard’s house I tied my horse up, and ran inside. I was shocked at what I saw; broken glass bottles and liquids on the floor, books scattered all around and papers with various numbers and letters on them.


“Paul… where’s the wizard?” I asked carefully. “It looks like by the amount of mess there is in here that..,” Paul gulped. “That the wizard has been captured.” “NO!” I said. “But then how am I supposed to find out what my test is?” I sat down. “How could this happen.”


I picked up a paper. It said: “Magical potions don’t RUiN you. They won’t make you UPSeT And emotIonal. What they can do is coRrect Social problems and NOW they are even at a low cost.” “Wait.” I said as I stared hard at the misspellings on the paper. “Paul! This paper holds a message. Let me see. R…U…N… hmmm run? U…P…S…T…A…I…R…S…? Upstairs? NOW!!! Paul! It says run upstairs now! Let’s do that! We just might be able to find the wizard!


So we ran upstairs. I gasped. The Wizard! “Princess! Paul! RUN! THEY WILL GET YOU TOO!” what the heck is he talking about?’ Just then a big green dragon picked the wizard up! WIZARD! NO! PUT HIM DOWN! But the dragon couldn’t hear me, and they were going farther and farther away.



“I was so close to getting somewhere but now I’m back at square one.” I said quietly. “Princess? I think you should look up.” Said Paul nervously. “At what? Oh…” there were two more big green dragons right above us. “I think we should RUNNNNN!” said Paul. “No! The Door is locked!” The next I knew was that 4 huge claws were holding me by the shoulders.



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#2 sk8tergrl483 2011-05-27 14:43
Don't worry sheesh I think you will be happy with the last two chapters. I am working really hard with all the editing that I'm doing and from my view the picture I just edited looks so real... I'll post that pic to twitter :-)
#1 ☼Sheesh4☼ 2011-05-27 04:40
Bravo! Bravo! Amazing story so far! I can't wait to read the last 2 chapters! :-) I hope it has a happy ending. Sad endings make me cry. :-)

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