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The Penguin Band History!

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Hi guys. If you havent seen already (well it's fixed now XD) the website got hacked...again. I am sorry for any inconvienience it caused you but I am working hard to prevent it. :) Anyways, so now Club Penguin posted an article about the history of the penguin band. Here's what it says:


If you don't know already, Billybob, Screenhog, and Rocketsnail (Rsnail) started CP a while back except it wasn't called Club Penguin, but penguin chat 3. Back then, every penguin was blue, and there were only a few rooms, The town, the boiler room, and the coffee shop. (Please correct me on that if you can :)) The penguin  band also played there too.


Once the actual Club Penguin was launced in 2005, they disappeared until 2006 during the Winter Luau when they were different colors and played different instruments. Then they were known as a hula band :) At this time there were only three members of the band. Most penguins don't remember this style of the Penguin Band (Not even I do, and I am REALLY OLD XD)



After the Luau party they made a several other appearences. For example in 2006 again they came to the Wild West party where they lost their instruments, and penguins had to find them. They were rewarded a background signed "The Band" (this was the first version of the Club Penguin scavendure hunts) This was the penguin band's first background. They also made another appearence at the 2008 Music Jam which was the first music jam. Like every music jam, they were at the Iceberg and took breaks when they would be waddling around. At this time they were a country band:



They have made serveral different appearences at parties after that (Well since the parties are repeated, they come the same time each year), for example the Penguin Play Awards. They have been the style that we have been familiar with since 2006, but now the Penguin Band has changed. Instead of their colors, and cowboy hats, they are now more modern; They wear wigs, and clothing, they are into different music, and most importantly, they will be acting different too. I have mixed feelings about this, mostly because I thought (By their appearence) that they were an older band, but now I can see that they look more like teenagers, and they have different styles, and everyone likes different music. I think that their new styles will be good for everyone because like I said before everyone likes different music, but what I don't like is that Petey K's glasses look really really girly.... haha. Anyway leave me a comment telling me if you like/dislike the new clothing and why? Don't forget to rate this article!

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