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Joining The Band :)

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I was having so much fun during the Music Jam of 2011; there was bands playing everywhere, people with radical dance moves dancing everywhere, confetti flying everywhere, but most importantly watching the Penguin Band play at the iceberg every half an hour! I had always been the one to sit and watch the fun, but now, I wanted to be the one who was the performer and the Music Jam was the perfect opportunity!


While I was waddling around the festival, I saw my friend I hadn’t seen for a while. “Hi Jamie!” I exclaimed. She waved back and ran over to me. “Hey, I’ve heard the Penguin Band is going to play at the iceberg in a few minutes, wanna come and see them with me?” asked Jamie. “Sure!” I exclaimed. I always have loved the Penguin Band’s music, and I hadn’t seen them in a while so why not?


So we both waddled over to the iceberg just in time to see the Penguin Band’s floating iceberg pass by. The crowds cheered and were jumping up and down. The band could only stay for a few minutes before their floating iceberg drifted away. “Awww.” I said sadly. “I wish I could see more.” I said with a sigh. “Me too.” Said my friend. We played for a little bit, and then she had to leave for her band practice. We said bye, and she left.


I went to my igloo and talked to my puffles. “I wish I could be like the penguin band, having hundreds of fans screaming to hear my music.” I said to my purple puffle disco. She nodded as if she wanted to be in the band too. I laughed. “No silly puffle! Youre a dancer!”


I waddled into my room where my pink puffle was. It was if she heard me talking to my purple puffle because as soon as I walked into the room, she came over that look on her face with the weekly newspaper.


“No I’ve already read this newspaper.” She hopped onto an article that I must’ve just glanced over. The article said this: “Did you know that the penguin band is having a limited time offer? They are looking for ONE lead singer to sing in their last appearance at the music jam! Do you want your chance at the stars? Well, fill out the form on the back of this week’s newspaper and mail it!” “Loop!” I exclaimed. “You’re the best puffle in the world!” I quickly flipped the newspaper over , filled out the form, and stuck it in my mailbox. “There…” I said. “Let’s see who will win!”


I couldn’t just wait at the mailbox though, so I decided to go back out to the Music Jam and enjoy the party. I went to all of my friends concerts, and they were great! After that I went to get some pizza and celebrate with my friend while enjoying more music. It was all a lot of fun, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my chance to join the Penguin Band. Once we all were full, we said goodbye and left. I went back to my igloo and looked inside my mailbox and sure enough, there was mail!


“Puffles…. Paychecks…. Ahhh here it is! My future lies in this envelope!” I carefully opened it and read it word for word. “Miss SK8tergrl483, we are pleased to say that you are invited to come and sing at the coffee shop along with 4 other penguins. The band will be there to decide who they will pick to sing with them in their biggest gig of the summer. We hope you can attend and rock on!”


This was my future… all in this one competition. I started to dance around my igloo and scream! “Wait… gotta pick out my outfit, practice, OMG so much to do! Gotta start now!” So I needed to pick out an outfit…. “Hmmmm what to wear…. Maybe this pink dress… no too casual. The gold one? Too glittery. How about this green one!! Yess! It’s adorable cute and not to casual! Ok that’s what wear!”

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“Now about time to rehearse” I said. “La la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That sounded pretty good right?” I asked my green puffle. He nodded and jumped up and down. “Perfect! Now I’m ready for my audition J


The audition was the next day and I was more than ready I was prepared to sing in front of the penguin Band. The next morning I woke up early and got ready to get to the coffee shop. As I waddled down there, I saw crowds of penguins waiting outside the coffee shop. “Why are you here?” I asked one of the penguins waiting in line. “Waiting to get into the coffee shop to see the Penguin Band of course!” ‘Wow they’re really here.’ I thought ‘and I am going to SING in front of them :D’


I was super duper pumped to see the Penguin Band when I went inside. “Petey K! Stompin Bob! Franky! G Billy! Youre really here!” I said excitedly. “Yup.” Said G Billy. “So you’re Sk8tergrl483.” Said Stompin Bob. “Yes I am.” I said with a grin. “And what will you be singing today Miss Sk8tergrl?” Asked Franky. “Actually I’m going to sing DJ got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher.” I said As I started to walk up to the stage. “A 1…2…3… Oh yea. Cause Baby tonight, DJ got us falling in love again, yea baby tonight, DJ got us falling in love again. So dance dance like it’s the last last night of your life life won’t get you right…..”


After I sang I felt so good. I had obviously pleased not only the crowd, but the Penguin Band too. The Penguin Band immediately ran onto the stage and asked me those words I’ve been waiting to hear my entire life: “Will you perform with us?” asked the penguin band in unison. “YES!!!!” I screamed. I could hardly believe this was happening, but it was. In 10 minutes, we were all ready to hit the Dock and rock it out. When that curtain around the Dock stage opened, it was everything I had ever dreamed of plus more. The hundreds of screaming fans, penguins who were holding up signs, and penguins who were chanting our names. “Ready?” whispered G Billy. “Ready!” I replied with a wink. “Ok band…. A 1….2….3….4!” screamed G Billy. And with that started the best day of my life. J


Thank you for reading my story! Please remember to rate if you liked it, and comment too! If you have an idea, leave it here, and maybe I'll write a story about it :) Thank you to my co-author Jamie5156 for being, Jamie in this story :)

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#2 Dance1519 2011-06-27 18:11
You Soo Cool S8tergirl!! I Wish I Could BE Like You!

Dance1519 America
#1 sandly5678 2011-06-26 07:52
cooooooooolllll llllllllllooool oloo lol

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