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Club Penguin Times Issue #302

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The Great Snow Race Announced!


"The Great Snow Race begins August 25th." says gary the gadget guy. This is exciting news for sports fans, but the announcement raised a lot of questions. Like, why would gary throw an extreme sports party? Outside the Everyday Phoning Facility, a reporter talked to Gary. This is what he had to say..."My zest for the sporting life is indubitable - in other words I really love sports!" said Gary the Gadget Guy. "I simply can't get enough of um... extreme walking! And... intense reading! I'm very - what's the word? Ah yes, stoked. I'm very stoked for racing and such. " Whatever Gary's reason is for the party, it's time to sharpen your skis - the great snow race begins August 25th!


That was funny! Especially to see a scientific person using the word "Stoked" lol :D That just made my day. And with the new party too :) Happy to have something new for change. But what do you think this new party is for? Obviously Gary has somthing planning, we just need to wait to see what it is :)


Epic Extreme Sports Igloos!



Serious Sports Fans can soon build ramps in their igloos! One snowboarder spoke to us about the ramp she's building. "I'm planning an intense course," she said. "So my team can practice on tracks that twist! And slopes that slant! We gonna ramp up our game for the great Snow Race. Then we can chill out with slushies from my slushie maker. How rad will that be?" Check out all the extreme igloo gear when it hits the better igloo's catalog August 11th!


Woah! Sounds cool! Do you think that the ramps will be furniture items or an actual igloo? And it looks like a slushie maker will be in the catalog too! Awesome!


Upcoming events:



August 11 - better igloos catalog! New pins!

August 18 - Party Construction Begins! New Play - Blue vs. Red!


So are you excited to see the new party? I am! I think it will be somewhat like the Penguin Games - 2008 :) It was before I started blogging but on the iceberg you had penguins racing around a track, and "Marathon" around the island which was cool, red and blue facepaint for free :) Yup fun times. Go google it to find out more ^_^

Waddle on CPL!



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