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Field Op Mission 60!

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When I logged online for the festive Holiday Party, I knowticed there was help needed at the EPF headquarters. Here's what Gary had to say:


"The ice rink is back this week. And we've got work to do. We must ensure the ice isn't TOO strong. Head over the Stadium, and find a way to test its strength."


On my way Gary! Here it is:



"Well done Agent! Using your spy phone's lock pick to tap the ice was the perfect way to test the strength. Quite some time ago, Herbert used ice to build a giant magnifying glass. So ever since, we've made sure to keep an eye on it."


I remember that! Ahhhh good times....except for when the island almost sunk ^_^

Waddle On CPL!



#1 ding dong blatz 2011-12-20 16:46
u didnt explain it tht well

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