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EPF Field Op Mission #61

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Today when I logged on to get my Holiday Spirit on, I noticed Gary needed our help again. I went over to the command Center to get the deets:


"The security system in Herbert's cell is on alert. Clearly it isn't working properly. Please check the video feed in the command room and disable the alarm for now. We'll turn it back on after the holidays."


Isn't that a little dangerous Gary? What if the alarm is going on because of the lack of cold air and Herbert wakes up? But ok. I'll do the mission....



Play the mini-game




Well done Agent. I think you'll agree that there's no security risk in Klutzy visiting Herbert for the holidays. As members of the EPF we must protect the island at any cost from any danger. But we aren't scrooges. Happy holidays agent."



Hmmmm I still think this could be dangerous gary!

Waddle On CPL!



#2 Kkay 2011-12-23 15:14
i dont get how to get to the mini game
#1 Frezzi 2011-12-23 12:01
Thanks for the info! You realy are the best!!

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