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EPF Field Op Mission #80

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There's a new field op out! With all the wierd stuff going on, let's see if Gary needs any help:



"Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising and we must prepare for it! Seach the island for mushrooms and use your technology to give them power. This will help my research"


Ok Gary whatever you say xD


Let's go to the Beach

Now play the simple mini-game
"Agent - you have done well. though "giving pwer" to mushrooms is unusual, I trust G. EPF radar is definitely picking up something. Be ready - Club Penguin may be in danger"
Just after that, Jet Pack Guy sent me an urgent message:
"Alert! Radar is picking up something BIG flying around the island!It's too fast to follow - has anyone gotten a visual on this thing yet?"
Nope but i'm getting scared. Herbert is the one and only cause of all of our problems... let's just hope Club Penguin doesn't tip like the Titanic this time...
Stay Safe CPL!

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