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EPF Field Op #95

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WOW! Almost 100 field ops! I remeber the first field op... Ahhhh good times good times. Anyways let's cut to the chase, G needs our help again. What's up Gary?


"Attention agents. While we wait for Rockhopper to arrive, I have an improtant experiment I need help with.  Go to the light generator in the Mine Cave, and divert power back to the EPF."
Sounds cool. Let's go! Right here!
Play the mini game... pretty easy match the shapes.
"Well done Agent! I appreciate the help - the experiments I'm working on require an immense amount of power. I've been studying the affects of the Meteor's energy on chronological phemomena. In other words we may make some amazing discoveries 'in time'"
Sounds cool. Are we gonna cure diseases, or 'in time' time travel? ;)
Waddle on CPL!


#1 millington 2013-09-01 21:56
can i play now :lol:

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