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EPF: Herbert's Revenge: Mission 3

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Hey guys! Here's the cheats for mission 3 of Herbert's Revenge:


  1. Talk to Gary
  2. Oh no! The Crab is out! Follow it, or take a shortcut by going directly to Ski Village.
  3. Oh no! We are now in the Club Penguin wilderness. Keep following the crab
  4. The crab went through the puffle sized door.
  5. Go through the passage on the right
  6. Aw a puffle! Go through the passage on the far left
  7. Cut down the rope on the Puffle Os with the scissors in your spy gadget
  8. Put the Puffle Os in your dock, and go back to the black puffle. Feed him a Puffle O
  9. EXTRA: Go to the river. You'll find your way. Call the Pink Puffle, and have her lasso the river. Do this by clicking on the Pink Puffle, and then on the river. You will find a snake peice!
  10. Go back to the door. Through a Puffle O through the door, and the puffle will go for it, and unlock the door for you.
  11. You're trapped. Let the polar bear talk.
  12. The Herbert has left. Go to the right a little, and find the cage lift.
  13. Through a Puffle O on the lever that makes the water run.
  14. Through a Puffle O on the diagonal bar
  15. Through a Puffle O on the on the strait bar
  16. The cage is lifted! Go to the left, and pick up the hook. Also pick up the rope. When those two are put together they make a grappling hook.
  17. Pick up the Electro Magnet blueprints
  18. Pick up the Hot Sauce
  19. Time to go though the door.
  20. Oh no! The door is blocked by snow! Take a Puffle O and Hot Sauce, and feed it to the puffle.
  21. Go out the Door.
  22. Go through the passage on the left.
  23. Go through the passage on the right
  24. Go through the passage on the far right
  25. Go up the ledge
  26. Time to use your grappling hook! Use it to get up the ledge. Play the mini-game to continue.
  27. Go out back Ski Lodge. Herbert! He wants a Seeweed Pizza
  28. Go back to the outback of Ski Lodge. Put the Pizza down
  29. Switch the lever to reverse while Herbert is pigging out
  30. Haha! Herbert is in an icy lake!
  31. Talk to Gary
  32. Give him the blueprints
  33. Get your medal, and gift


Here's the complete video for Herbert's Revenge Mission 3:



#4 conan 8 2013-05-06 23:12
me gusta mis coa de club pingui es el mejor juego
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:-* ;-) :zzz :-x :o :sad: :-* :-| 8) :-) :D :zzz :eek: :P :roll: :sigh:
#2 Spencer 2011-06-15 09:05
thanks that's cool
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cool thanks

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