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EPF: Herbert's Revenge: Mission 4

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Hey guys! Here's the cheats for mission 4 of herbert's revenge:


  1. Talk to Gary
  2. Pick up the brown hat off the wall
  3. Go to the Dock
  4. Talk to Herbert
  5. After Herbert leaves, pick up the lantern Klutzy was holding
  6. Go to the Town
  7. Go into the Coffee Shop
  8. Help the attendent pick up the cookies
  9. She will give you a cookie
  10. Go out into the Town
  11. Give the Puffle the Hat
  12. Give the puffle the cookie
  13. He will go up to the top of the Night Club and get the paper for you.
  14. Pick up the paper off the ground
  15. Go to the Snowforts
  16. Click on the post the paper got stuck on
  17. Go into the plaza
  18. Talk to the penguin with the newspaper
  19. Go into the pizza parlor and order a Double meat pizza with grey fish
  20. Give the pizza to the penguin and get the paper out of the newspaper
  21. Put the two peices of paper together in your inventory
  22. Go to the Beach
  23. Pick up a net
  24. Go inside the Lighthouse
  25. Ask the penguin if you can have the balloons
  26. Go to the left a little and ask the penguin for a barrel of cream soda
  27. Go to the Sports Shop
  28. Ask the attendent if you can have the pegs
  29. Go into HQ and ask Gary about Super Helium. Ask him if you can take it then take it. Also take the mallot on the wall
  30. Go to the Dock
  31. Go into the hole
  32. Turn the camping light on
  33. Click on one of the two holes in the wall
  34. Play the mini game
  35. Once you get to the sunken gift shop, shake up the barrel of cream soda
  36. Go up to the Town
  37. Blow up a balloon with super helium
  38. Put the net under the giftshop
  39. Put the pegs in the net
  40. Use the mallot on the pegs
  41. Go back to the dock and down into the hole
  42. Reach the Giftshop again, then go through
  43. EXTRA: SNAKE TOKEN: Once you've gone past the giftshop, and can see herbert's super drill, call the Yellow Puffle, and have him break the glass on his drill. You will get a snake token
  44. Go into the boiler room
  45. Talk to Herbert
  46. Answer your spy gadget it's G
  47. Click on the Boiler and play the mini-game
  48. Go to HQ
  49. Talk to Gary
  50. Congratulations! You have finished EPF:Herbert's Revenge: Mission 4!


Here's the complete video for Herbert's Revenge Mission 4:



#13 blah 2012-07-02 18:50
where do u put the net?
#12 blah 2012-07-02 18:48
where do u put the net?
#11 Caitlyn 2011-08-20 14:23
you are the best thank u so much for ur help
#10 Caitlyn 2011-08-20 13:56
i don`t know how u shake the cream soda i shook it for a hour and nothing
#9 Not here 2011-08-11 06:49
umm i cant watch the video but i done mission 4. THNX
#8 Gabby 2010-11-22 13:37
i dont get it . where do i put the net???
#7 pikalov 2010-11-11 10:51
thanks i was sooooooo stuck on where to use the cream soda
#6 desi 2010-11-10 17:52
your so faster than me in stuck:sad:
#5 Rebecca 2010-08-09 10:08
Where do I find the snake token?
#4 Osman 2010-07-13 22:59
You are the best ! Thankz for your help! A++++

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