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EPF: Herbert's Revenge Mission 10

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Here's the cheats for the last mission in Herbert's Revenge: The Ultimate Mission:


  1. Talk to Rookie Dot and Jet Pack Guy
  2. Answer your spyphone and talk to the Director
  3. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, Dot, and Rookie
  4. Andwer your spyphone and talk to Gary
  5. Talk to Dot and Rookie
  6. Call Gary
  7. Talk to Dot and Rookie
  8. Answer your spyphone and talk to Jet Pack Guy
  9. Go to Ski Village
  10. Talk to Jet Pack Guy and Herbert
  11. After your chat with Herbert pick up the rubber ducky
  12. Leave Herbert... you'll come back to him later, but for now let's find inflatable stuff :)
  13. Go inside Ski Lodge and up into the Attic
  14. Use the scissors in your spyphone to cut the rope on the crate. Take out the octopus
  15. Go into the Town and into the Gift Shop
  16. Take the blue inflatable arms
  17. Take the Life Vest
  18. Go up to the Staff only room and pick up some tape
  19. Go to the Plaza and down the man hole. Pick up the life preserver
  20. Go into the Boiler Room and pick up the whale
  21. Go up to the Plaza and Talk to Dot
  22. Go inside the Pizza Parlor
  23. Talk to the Pizza Chef
  24. Pick up the tin on the table
  25. Cut off the mop part with the scissors form your spyphone
  26. Go to the Stage
  27. Talk to the penguin
  28. Pick up the beard
  29. Take the beard and put it in the black paint
  30. Go back to Dot and talk to her
  31. Play the mini-game. To balance the island, make sure all three loacations have the correct number of penguins. This will be done by using the three costumes. Putting on a costume will cause a certain number of penguins to start cheering these will follow you when you leave the area. Put on Rockhopper, and take the rockhopper penguins to the Forest. Take the Sensei penguins to the Snowforts, and then to the Plaza. From the Plaza take the candence penguins from the plaza to the snowforts
  32. Answer your spyphone and talk to Gary
  33. Go to the Iceberg
  34. Talk to Gary
  35. Talk to Gary again
  36. Play the mini-game Aqua Rescue
  37. Go to Ski Village
  38. Cut the belt using your scissors in your spyphone
  39. Call the purple puffle to lift Klutzy up
  40. Call the red puffle to pop the bubble
  41. Talk to Jet Pack Guy and Herbert
  42. Take out the Rubber Ducky, Life Vest and Water Wings on Herbert
  43. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, Herbert and Rookie
  44. Answer your spyphone talk to Gary
  45. Talk to Gary, Herbert, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and Dot
  46. Go to Ski Village
  47. Take the tape you picked up a while back and patch up the hole
  48. Put in some super helium
  49. Put the ballon on the basket
  50. Go back to the Mine
  51. Talk to Gary, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy
  52. Play the mini-game Jackhammer
  53. Call the white puffle
  54. Answer your spyphone talk to Herbert
  55. Call Klutzy
  56. Have Klutzy cut the wire to the statue
  57. Answer your spyphone and talk to Herbert
  58. Call the purple puffle
  59. Have her blow a bubble on the anvil
  60. Call the white puffle
  61. Have her blow ice to weld the statue in place
  62. Talk to the crew
  63. Answer your spyphone talk to the director
  64. Last orders... THROW A WATER PARTY!!! Do you think this will realllllly happen in club penguin online? lol
Congradulations you have now finished  Herbert's Revenge!!!


#146 Hero Unibr0 2015-05-16 19:14
:sigh: I will miss Epf missions,since CP don't make any more, this level made me finish every ever existing one.
#145 Idk Unicorns 2014-04-10 07:01
#144 Idk Unicorns 2014-04-10 06:58
thx helped me a lot stuck on it 4 ages tnx so much :cry:
#143 lipsy2610 2013-10-07 16:13
thx it took me 2 days lol well ur the best :lol:
#142 Sarah17047 2013-04-21 18:07
this helped me complet the game :lol:
#141 this is herbert here 2013-04-03 20:41
:-* i didn't help them i was just a neutral party
#140 someone 2013-01-02 10:47
#139 Alyssa 2012-12-09 17:03
I finished the game,now what do I do?!?!
#138 brod231 2012-11-30 05:28
I just finished herberts revenge and it only took me a week to complete the game
#137 brod231 2012-11-30 05:28
I just finished herberts revenge and it only took me a week to complete the game

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