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Club Penguin Sneak Peeks

Whats New In June! New Party!!

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 Today I went on Club Penguins blog to see what new things were coming to Club Penguin, and found that three new parties will be held over the summer...yay!!!! So yesterday the Club Penguin Team posted a sneak peak of one of the parties. This picture (below) is the first party that will arrive in Club Penguin for the start of summer. 


Do you have any ideas of what the part will be?! I do!

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Hollywood Party Sneak Peeks!

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Hey penguins of the world! As we all know, the all new Hollywood Party is coming up and I'd like to give you a few sneak peeks. This party, starting on February 14th, is all about being a star, directing films, becoming stunt doubles and actors and actresses. Not too much information has been released yet BUT I can tell you this party looks Ah-MAZING!

First up is a sketch for this Party. Although it is in rough shape, I can almost make out what it appears to be

Image of the Hollywood Party sketch

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"The Party Starts Now!" Album!

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Something new and exiting has come to Club Penguin starting February 12!! Check it out!

AN ALBUM! Club Penguin is very exited to announce a release of their first album The Party Starts Now, coming to stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Don't worry penguins! If you don't have those stores, you will be able to purchase the album online.


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