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Club Penguin Volcano

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The Club Penguin Volcano looks like it may be starting to erupt! I didn't remember the volcano being there, but I took a look back at some of the older articles in Club Penguin, and actually found the volcano has been there all along! It was kind of hidden in the background.  Anyway, here's a picture from a previous article with the volcano in the background to the left.


Here are some new pictures of the volcano as it looks today.  Here's some updated information on the new Volcano Room.


Club Penguin Volcano Close

Club Penguin Volcano Close


Club Penguin Volcano Far

Club Penguin Volcano Far


This is weird... The volcano has been there all along but is now erupting. This is weirder than the surprise scavenger hunt that Sensei gave us last Monday. Club Penguin did a little "news article" about this and they said that a new room is definitely on the way. Oh yea... the scavenger hunt has been extended untl September 28! Keep your eyes open for more changes on Club Penguin!



#10 matison 2011-01-31 18:34
#9 club penguin team 2010-04-13 08:29
its the fire dojo for member ninjas waddle on
#8 zachanator99 2009-11-01 17:42
is is going to rain on club penguin?????
#7 Tubby bird1 2009-10-18 18:52
When is it gonna be a new room
#6 haleyspakani 2009-10-13 16:27
wow if that thing erupts it is going to be mad scary lol
#5 kaleigh 1997 2009-09-28 03:50
i dont know
#4 kaleigh 1997 2009-09-28 03:49
I do not
#3 nobody 2009-09-25 21:06
Does anyone know when the new room will open up?
#2 Tubby bird1 2009-09-23 14:46
is it really gonna erupt?
#1 jessie 2009-09-22 14:37
hey jamie I really want the ninja hide out to be finished soon.
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