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The New Game Puffle Rescue Will Be Here Monday!

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Saweet! The new game "Puffle Rescue" will be here on monday. Turns out that the Club Penguin puffles are stuck in the underground. Meaning we have to go in there and get them out. I wonder if this will be an addition to aqua grabber considering that there's water in the second and third rooms. Here's a sneak peek of the game:



I wonder what we'll have to do. Also speaking of puffles I wonder why the puffles in the pet shop haven't disapeared yet? I mean their there too! LOL! 






#2 Farrah 2010-03-14 07:19
Hey destani is that u who said boring? because you told me at school that it was boring. and why did you put for you name boring? I agree with you it would be boring
#1 Me 2010-03-12 12:03

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