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Mission 11 Secrets Revealed FINALLY!! :)

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Haha! Yea! We know the day the new mission is coming out on, and right now we have a pretty good picture of what the mission will be about PLUS the name... let me get that over with...Drum roll.....



Haha yea lol. Veggie Villian! Cute!

Like I said before from the picture they gave us, we have a pretty good idea of what this mission will be about. Here's the picture:



Billybob can't say much (he can't ever ;)) but he did say that Veggie Villan IS connected with Herbert's revenge the DS game.

So here's what I think. You know how Herbert droped a pack of seeds last mission? You see the field of some type of crop in the background? Well I think Herbert is going to use those seeds to make vegetarian pizza. Yea I know crazy, but the title Veggie Villan does make sense to my theory, and then of all places the Mine A.K.A the Community Garden, but I don't know about the rest of the mission :/

So let me hear some of your theories... Tell me what you think.


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