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Music Jam Possible Items

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Today I was browsing through Club Penguin and I found a few new possible items for the Music Jam. On the Membership Page, there's the July Membership fun. The picture is of this Green Tamborine, and a new backstage pass:



Also this is new because this is what the old backstage pass looks like:



Still not sure about the Green Tamborine? Well on the Club Penguin add that I have on my website, the Music Jam is featured on the banner. On the banner there is a penguin holding a Green Tamborine. Here's what it looks like:



I think that there will be a backstage pass for the Dock and one for the Casa Fiesta room. Well we'll find out soon!



#1 Hannah 2010-07-15 09:19
i think ur ideas r soooo cool!!!

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