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New Club Penguin Toys

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Today Club Penguin came out with 2 new toy sets! The first one is the snow Trekker with Gary the Gadget Guy and a Space Ship with a three eyed Alien! Also they came out with puffles that you pull and let go and according to how happy or sad they are they will show of their unique personalities! Cool right? Here are two pictures of the new toys:

Snow Trekker Space Alien from Club Penguin

New Club Penguin Puffles



#4 shady 2010-05-14 07:13
i don't need item because i live in another country from club penguin
#3 ispyty 2009-06-14 13:18
cool thx
#2 jamie5156 2009-06-14 12:25
you can get them at Toys R us but they are not out yet =(
Hope this helped=)
#1 ispyty 2009-06-14 12:04
where to get them?

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