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Well last week I didn't get a lot of questions so I just had to choose one from Sheesh4. Here's what she said:

"Dear Sk8tergrl483,
Do you think you are ever going to create a forum for Club Penguin Land? Also, I sent you an application to become a Club Penguin Land Agent a few months ago and still have not received a reply. I sent it to the requested e-mail address. Did you get it but not accept it, or did you not get it? Can I be a Club Penguin Land Agent, please?! I love your site so much! I would be willing to be very active and helpful to everyone!

Thank you!


Well I really don't think I'm going to do a forum because some people post bad things on there and I don't really want that. I like monitoring the web site to make sure it's an active and safe CP site:) Maybe sometime in the future but I don't think anytime soon :)

Also about the CPL Agent Application, I got it but before I make you a cpl agent, I like to make sure that you comment and help out alot. You have done VERY well probably better than many of the other CPL agents right now. I can assure you you will become one VERY soon :):)

Well I hope I answered your questions :) Thanks for the awesome question Sheesh! i really appriciate :):):)

If you'd like to send me a question through question corner please send me a comment under this post and next week I'll pick out another question!



#9 Sheesh4 2010-11-07 03:51
Dear sk8tergrl483,
Hey it's me. I want you to know I don't want to use my new account. I'm using my old account. Just letting you know so you can make a CPL (Cub Penguin Land) Agent.
Thank you!

#8 ☼Sheesh4☼ 2010-11-06 20:04
Dear sk8tergrl483,
It's me: Sheesh4, except I signed up for a new account and added these "☼☼" to the beginning and end of my name. I just wanted to inform you that this new account will be the one I use from now on, or until I inform you otherwise. Also, if you are planning on making me a CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agent, would you please make this account the CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agent one?
Thank you!

#7 Sheesh4 2010-11-06 18:39
Okay! Sounds great! LOL! Can't wait to become an agent! Will I know when I have: You know, like a letter, or a pop-up, etc;..
#6 sk8tergrl483 2010-11-06 18:29
Your welcom sorry about the he instead of she :-):-):-) I am working right now on other special privileges but I don't think that you will be posting :sad: sorry but you will be invited to special parties and be in some of the posts :-):-) I am also working on a special "members" of the website area if you are a CPL member :-) I might just do a special CPL agent section but I working on this :-):-):-)
#5 Sheesh4 2010-11-06 16:53
Actually, can you just delete me as a member on the site, and all of my old posts, including this one so that I an create a band new account with the same exact name but no posts? That would probably be easier for you. All you have to do is delete my current Sheesh4 account including all of my posts, and then I will sign up for a new account with the same name. Thanks!
#4 Sheesh4 2010-11-06 16:50
Also, can you please "delete" all of my old posts from the forums?!!!!! thanks. its hard to explain but i just want to start over on a fresh slate. i still would love to be cpl agent, I just want all my previous posts on the site to be deleted, and i wanna start fresh with new posts, and not have any old posts on the site whatesoever. is this possible? can you delete all my old posts including this one, so that none of my old posts on the site are here, and there are no posts on the site, including this one from me?! thank you.
#3 MagicWand124 2010-11-06 14:01
Here's my question: What is your favorite game on Club Penguin, and what is your favorite puffle(s)?
#2 Sheesh4 2010-11-06 13:48
Dear Sk8tergrl483,
Why is it that when I play Puffle Rescue on Club Penguin and earn stamps, it doesn't give them to me! I am a non-member, and am only trying to earn non-member stamps, but when I am supposed to get them, I don't! I look in my Stamp Book and the stamp that I should have just earned is not there, and no stamp pop-up comes up on the screen! I should have earned 1 Coin Bag and Snow Student but it doesn't say that I earned them, and I have kept trying to earn them for some time now, and I am positive that I should have because I looked up how to, and I do it, and the coin bag for the 1 Coin Bag stamp comes up on the screen after I have jumped on all the cracks in the ice on Level 7, but it doesn't give me the stamp! What's up with this?!

#1 Sheesh4 2010-11-06 13:02
OMG! Thank you so much for picking my question and for remembering that to call ,me a "she" instead of a "he"! LOL! ;-) Also, thank you so much for considering me for a CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agent! I can't wait! I promise I will be active and helpful, and I love your site so much! What do you do when you are a CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agent, anyway? What privileges do we get? Do we get a special log-in name? I promise I will abuse my privileges in any way. Thanks so much, Sk8tergrl483! You rock like an avalanche! LOL! Get it?! =D Also, one more question: Do we get to "post" on the site when we are CPL (Club Penguin Land) Agents, as in actually post?! =) Thanks so much!

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