Question Corner: Question 14!

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This was the only question I got this week.... so I kinda had to pick it... I'm not picking on people because I did his question 2 weeks in a here's another one from Dash1771:

"hay,it's me again,i was wondering...How do you find out were the pins are,the epf missions,and the catalog cheats?"

If you mean on this website, the pins are under Club Penguin Cheats, the EPF missions are under Club Penguin MIssions, and the Catalog cheats are under Club Penguin Catalog :)


But if you don't mean that and how I find out all the different cheats, I go onto Club Penguin regularly and check out everything. I also check the What's New Blog Club Penguin has or check the newspapers every week to get new updates on when they come out.


As for the catalog cheats, it takes a lot of time to go through the entire catalog but it gets done.

The Club Penguin Missions, as I said I go on every day and if my spyphone is blinking, I am going to go to the EPF Command Room and get my assignment form Gary. Then I carefully go around the island and try to find the mini-game

And about the Pins, I know that every two weeks a new pin comes out so at those points I go out around Club Penguin and find it.... not that hard to do :)

So I hope I answered your question Dash1771!
If you'd like to send me a question through question corner please send me a comment under this post and next week I'll pick out another question!


#6 Cutie12390 2010-12-04 10:13
#5 dash1771 2010-11-29 18:51
oh,sorry!:sad:i did not read all of it!:-):>:]
#4 dash1771 2010-11-28 20:26
i did not mean that!:sad:
i ment how do you know where to find them on clubpenguin and i mean you!
(p.s.i hope that didn't sound agressive:-))
#3 MagicWand124 2010-11-28 04:30
My question is:
Do you like the new newspaper design on Club Penguin and would you change anything on Club Penguin if you could?
#2 Sheesh4 2010-11-27 13:52
i sent u a lot of messages on twitter. please reply asap!!!! :sad: :sad:
#1 Cutie12390 2010-11-27 12:30
What is the first famous penguin you met, and which famous penguin is your favorite?

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