Question Corner: Question 16!

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Again this week I am so sorry it was postponed... I have been so busy lately with exams exams and more exams.... sorry!

Anyway here's this week's question from Cuitie12390:

"What is your favorite thing in clubpenguin, and what clothes and games would you make if you owned clubpenguin?"
My favorite thing on CP would be the fact that there's so many opportunities! Being a EPF agent, being a Water Fire or Regular Ninja, playing games, earning coins, earning stamps, parties, puffles, decoration for your igloos, newspapers, pins, plays! Non-members think that they can't do anything on CP without a membership but in reality there's a lot they CAN do!

And if I owned CP I would make a giant carrot costume! It could come from the new broadway hit penguin classic," Fruits Vs. Vegetables!" I'm sorry i'm so cheesy :P
And what games I would make? I would make a game where you could have a foodfight in the Pizza Parlor and then you have to clean it up! You could play as an angry penguin or a buspenguin who cleans up after you :) I'm sorry I'm hungry right now and all I can think about is food!
Or another game I came up with is a snowball fight! I know we already have the snowforts but it can be like rollin' riot on the Club Penguin Game Day game :)
Thanks for your question Cutie12390!
If you want your question picked please leave a comment below! Thanks guys :)


#2 Sincerly, lollamepen. 2010-12-17 08:54
Sktergrl it's lollamepen here sorry icant play cp till 23rd dec;( so hv fun peeps!!!
#1 Cutie12390 2010-12-12 20:13
If cp let you make a party for them, what whould it be, what clothes would it have in it, and what would it be like?

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