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Club Penguin Times Issue #316

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Card Jitsu Changes Coming!



Sensei has announced many changes are underway at the mysterious mountain Dojos. "During the Card-Jitsu Party I allow everyone into the Elemental Dojos to play" said Sensei. "Every penguin will be given an Amulet. The ninja hideout will be open to all..."

"A time of change is upon us," Sensei said. "The elements are growing in power, and we must grow with them. The Card-Jitsu Party will reveal many new secrets. We need as many ninjas as possible to play Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water. I will no longer decide who battles whom. All battles will take place on the Card Jitsu mats. You may now bring those mats to your igloos. I forsee that, with these changes, ninjas will learn much faster. And a great power will be unlocked for Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas, that shall be know all over the island. This is only the beginning and I will reveal more soon. I look forward to seeing you all at the party, November 24"


PuffleScape Excites Explorers!


Explorers and puzzle fans alike are flocking into the Pet Shop. The new Pufflescape game has something for everyone, including a few rare stamps, collectors will be interested in. These include the special 'key' Stamps that help you save your progress Once you've earned it, it will unlock all the levels you have finished up to that point. "If you want to save all your hard work," a game expert commented. "You NEED those stamps. Don't give up - you can do it!"

"My Puffles are super excited to explore the caverns," another penguin said. "I think my pink puffle likes a challenge... and my orange Puffle can smell all the O' Berries!"


Upcoming events:



Now: Better Igloos catalog

November 17: New pin

November 24: Martial Artworks Catalog, Card-Jitsu Party begins!




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