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Reviewed By You: Drawing

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Last time, CP wanted to know your favorite Igloo item! This is what 10000 cookies said:

It's so hard to choose since I like all items! But, my all time favorite would be the Box-Portal! It's totally AWESOME and I hope it'll be back on April 2012! Seriously, how cool is it to travel to another dimension!? And when minutes have look like: :30 or :00 and you're there, you get to see the orange puffle pop out of the box! It's sooo kooky and you get to meet Rookie there if you're lucky! Waddle on, Club Penguin! You rock!


Since Billybob is planning a 'special' art project for you, CP wants to know: What do you like to draw most? Leave a comment on the blog post and you may get posted + 10,000 coins!



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