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Club Penguin Times Issue #327

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Extra extra! Club Penguin island is tipping! An accident has turned the Underwater Expedition into an island emergency. "Don't panic" Rookie said. "Everything is under water. I mean contol! Everything is under control!"
"An over abundence of anvils at the Beach is cause the island to tip dangerously. This is totally my fault!" said Rookie. "I just wanted to sink the Beach a little bit. But I forgot the rest of the island was attached to it!" Rescue crews are on the move, though Rookie is insisting the Expedition should continue. "We are still going exploring, but if you want to help me save the island, that's cool too." Reports are also coming in that a mysterious underwater maze has been uncovered by the island's tilt. Members will find the ancient entrance at the Beach. "If everyone grabs an anvil, we should have this cleaned up in no time!" Rookie added. "Really appreciate the help." Experts predict the it should take until February 1 to remove all the anvils and untip the island.
Even a tipping island Can't stop the poer of fashion! Next week's Fashion Show at the Gift Shop is still set to glam the island - tipping or not! "HA! Please!" Cadence laughed when we asked if the show waws canceled. "I don't care if this island sinks - We'll throw on scuba gear or something. We'll deal. Nothing's gonna stop this show from going down!" A call has gone out for penguins of all skill sets. The show will need fashion experts to help give feedback to designers. And puffle models and experts will be in huge demand. "Drop in. Even if you think you don't like fashion shows," Cadence added. "You do. I guarantee it. Come party with us - it's gonna be ICE!"
Feb 2: Penguin Style, Fashion Show
Feb 9: Stage, Pin
Waddle On CPL!

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